Installation guidance for BikeXperience

The program BikeXperience and its components are written in Java™. The platforms with a Java Runtime Environment should be executable on all operating system. The program is tested (without serial communication with the cycling computer) under the following operating systems:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows Family
  • Linux (Ubuntu, openSUSE, Red Hat, Opensolaris), 
  • Sun Solaris, 
  • HP-UX
  • The programs need a Java version, which has at least the version 1.6 (Download under or directly with Oracle).i

    The program is not a commercial product. The use takes place on own danger. For damage and errors we do not take over adhesion or a guarantee.

    For the most important platforms (Mac OS X, Linux und Windows) we offer an installer. You get the different installers upon this link.

    Communication over interface with the cycling computer

    If with the cycling computer directly over the serial interface is to be communicated, then still additionally the RxTx Version 2.2  implementation must be made. Primarily the platforms Mac OS X, Win64, Win32, Linux32 und Linux64 are supported by the provided binary libraries. Further platforms can be loaded over the ToyBox later. A further source for the installation on other systems is also the RXTX-Wiki.

    The most important platforms have an installer for that.

    General installation (without installer) outgoing from the dictionary %JAVA_HOME%

    The Java library RXTXcomm.jar for general serial communication with bikeXperience are already integrated in the pakage, so that this is not to be installe. The binary files for the hardware dependent serial communication are installed in the primary target systems. For Unix systems this applies:

    Important: If a file comm.jar from Sun of an earlier installation, must be deleted. Likewise the file becomes no more does not need.

    Locking mechanism for systems which on UNIX are based:

    A person is added to group lock or uucp by editing /etc/groups
    Distributions have various tools but this works:

    lock:x:54:   becomes:

    Now jarvi and taj are in group lock.

    Also make sure jarvi and taj have read and write permissions on the port.

    or alternatively....

    Unix platform
    Aufruf: in the installation dictionary
    java -Xmn150M -Xms500M -Xmx500M -jar bikeXperience.jar
    Preinstall: the user must be memeber of the group uucp (so that the lock file mechanism functions)
    Call script:
    #! /bin/sh
    # für Bourne Shell
    java -Xmn150M -Xms500M -Xmx500M -cp "bikeXperience.jar" de.bikexperience.view.BikeXperience
    Binary  IO Lib: copy the file into the installation dictionary

    BikeXperience for on the way (on USB Stick)

    BikeXperience can be installed also on a USB stick. The tour statistics, training planning and the managing of the tours for the trouser pocket.  All the same whether at the domestic PC or in the company bXp and CDM are always up-to-date. 

    With multi-daily routes can become secured in an InterNet cafe with a CicloSport® HAC5, HAC4Pro, HAC4, CM414M and CM436M noted tours on the USB stick over the bikeXperience application.

    In addition it is necessary:

    Content USB Stick: - for Windows 7 -


    If error forgot itself to have in-crept or a platform, create an entry into the user forum to provide.

    Title: BikeXperience
    Author: Hans-Joachim Willi
    Description: Installation description in englisch

    Installation description of bikeXperience Version 5.0.0